Monday, January 02, 2006

A rough but good start to the day

Today's tough! My wife's alarm clock didn't go off this morning, so I woke up when she did (at 5:09 am), put my coat on and drove her to the bus stop. The bus passed around 5:25 am. Worst part was, I had gone to bed at 2:00 am, so I was beat tired. When I came back home, it took me awhile to fall back asleep. When I finally did, the kids came to wake me up (8:09 am) with a jolt. I begged them to give me one more hour, and I was able to fall back asleep for another 45 minutes. Ouch...that's a rough awakening!

The best part of the morning was realizing that I know weigh 217 lbs. (another 2 lbs. lighter) At this rate, I should be able to lose those last 17 lbs in no time...YEAH RIGHT! We'll see how that turns out. Bought some hex weights of varying weights, hopefully to start pumping iron. First, I want to be able to do some regular crunches and master the elliptical (which I can't seem to run for more than 2 minutes without tiring out).

Well, I'm at the office now...about to start catch up work! I've got tons to do, and it's now 1:41 pm. I'll never get it all done today I'm sure...but I'll do what I can.

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