Sunday, January 01, 2006

First day of 2006

Well, feeling pretty good today. During the week I had some abdominal cramps, but I think that was for two reasons. One, the day that the cramps started, I had done some stomach crunches, which I haven't done in years. Two, that same day, I think I overate at lunch time. (I had gone skating with the family and had to eat at a restaurant. The plate seemed was a three salad plate. One part couscous, one part broccoli and cauliflower, one part chickpea and kidney bean salad. It was really good, but probably too much for one sitting.)

I've still been able to maintain the 219 lb. weight. I've been eating more salads (one a day) and have cut back on carbs (rice, pasta). Still have to work on increasing my water intake... don't want those kidney stones to ever come back! My glucose levels have been pretty good... around 5.6 in the morning before breakfast and in the 5 to 6 range at night time (that's if I don't do any snacking after supper). Actually tonight before supper, my glucose was in the 4 range! (I didn't have an afternoon snack though.)

Still have many things that I want to work on for the office. I didn't do ANY work during my week off! I guess it was good, since I was able to spend that time with the kids. Looks like I'm going to have to catch up this week on loose ends (and INVOICING)!

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