Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Diabetic blogs

For those of you who are diabetic (type I or II), here are a couple of blogs I found that seem pretty interesting:

Living With Diabetes
Diabetes Mine

When I've got some free time, I might peruse them and see what they've got to say. Always good to read what other people's experiences are with this disease...the good and the bad.

Another well rested vacation day...

Today was one of those days when you just feel like sleeping in, tucked nicely under the covers. Well, it was, kind of. Kids woke me up around 8:00 this morning. Since I had to take my medication, and there's a good half hour to an hour wait before I can eat anything, took advantage of that and cleaned up the kitchen while reading a bit of the Gazette.

It was one of those days when nothing gets done, just because I didn't feel like it. Drove my wife to work, and on the way back, dropped in at the office to see what was going is dead right now. No one really orders printing or design work during this "holiday" week.

In terms of health, I weighed 219 lbs. this morning! Great news, I finally broke the 220 lb. barrier! Hope this keeps up...I really could use the boost in weight loss and confidence in knowing that all the sacrifices I'm making in food is actually paying off! Did a few stomach crunches this morning with the girls, haven't done those in soooo long, years actually! I'll see if I can continue doing them every day until the stomach muscles are flat again. I've got some slight discomfort in the lower parts again, maybe because of the crunches (or running up the stairs from the basement a few times to get the phone). Let's see how it all feels tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cooking for the family - Chicken Cacciatore

Tonight I made a great and easy Chicken Cacciatore for the family. I found it on this website. It's really simple to make, and the whole family enjoyed it. I modified the recipe a bit, since I didn't have all the ingredients. For example, I didn't have the white wine (cooking wine), bay leaf, oregano or tomato sauce. So I substituted the tomato sauce with a can (32-oz.) of diced tomatoes. Because of that, I didn't need the whole plum tomatoes that the recipe calls for. Also, instead of oregano, I used thyme. What really matters is that it's a healthy meal, and the kids enjoyed it!

For those who are diabetic, like myself, here are a few sites for easy recipes specifically for diabetics:
Diabetic Gourmet Magazine - Recipes
Sugar Free and Diabetic Recipes - Diabetic Recipes

As of this evening, my lingering headache has passed. But my sinuses are still stuffed up. Think I'll take some Tylenol Sinus before going to bed tonight. Up until now, I've been able to drink 1.5 litres of water today, along with a medium iceberg salad (which we all know is basically water).

Feeling better this afternoon

For some reason, the past few days, I've gotten headaches around noon time to afternoon. It's possible it's the medication I'm on (Nexium 40mg) for my stomach or it's the lack of coffee. I've been drinking only 1 to 2 cups a day, as opposed to 6 or 7 cups per day that I'm used to. Also drinking more water, trying for at least 2 litres per day, to flush out those kidneys. No way I want to get another kidney stone, that's for sure!

I also think I'm coming down with a small head cold; waking up in the morning all stuffed up. I'm used to that, happens every winter...must be the lack of humidity in the house.

Started off the morning really well...

Made breakfast for the girls....actually didn't make it, just warmed it up in the toaster (Eggo's - Chocolate Chip w/syrup). While they went up the street to play in the snow with the other kids, I made myself breakfast. I'm determined to continue eating healthy, I think it's the only way to go right now.

Started breakfast with a small bowl of cereal with 1% milk. Then had a cup of tisane (strawberry or raspberry flavour, I don't really remember), with two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I didn't spread it on too thick, since there is quite a bit of fat in peanut butter. Should be enough until I decide to have a snack, probably around 11:15 am.

Have to get off my butt and do a few things, since I'm off from work this week. Need to take the battery out of the car and charge it up. It's completely dead! Finish up the laundry, fold the clothes, clean up my corner of the basement and work on a few websites. I'd love to get my directory site and business site completed this would be hard to pull it off, but it's possible. Also have a few web design quotes to finalize, probably by tomorrow....also a few business cards to design. Wow, what a vacation!

Monday, December 26, 2005

What to write about?

Hey all, here is my first post on my brand new blog! Wow, this is so exciting...I'm getting chills. Or maybe it's because my basement is cold. Anyhow, I really have no idea what to write, this being my first post. I really don't have anything to say yet, and I haven't decided what direction I want to take with this blog. I want a personal space to write my thoughts, but not too personal, since I'm sharing this with the world, basically! Hmmm, what to write?