Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another well rested vacation day...

Today was one of those days when you just feel like sleeping in, tucked nicely under the covers. Well, it was, kind of. Kids woke me up around 8:00 this morning. Since I had to take my medication, and there's a good half hour to an hour wait before I can eat anything, took advantage of that and cleaned up the kitchen while reading a bit of the Gazette.

It was one of those days when nothing gets done, just because I didn't feel like it. Drove my wife to work, and on the way back, dropped in at the office to see what was going is dead right now. No one really orders printing or design work during this "holiday" week.

In terms of health, I weighed 219 lbs. this morning! Great news, I finally broke the 220 lb. barrier! Hope this keeps up...I really could use the boost in weight loss and confidence in knowing that all the sacrifices I'm making in food is actually paying off! Did a few stomach crunches this morning with the girls, haven't done those in soooo long, years actually! I'll see if I can continue doing them every day until the stomach muscles are flat again. I've got some slight discomfort in the lower parts again, maybe because of the crunches (or running up the stairs from the basement a few times to get the phone). Let's see how it all feels tomorrow.

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