Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Started off the morning really well...

Made breakfast for the girls....actually didn't make it, just warmed it up in the toaster (Eggo's - Chocolate Chip w/syrup). While they went up the street to play in the snow with the other kids, I made myself breakfast. I'm determined to continue eating healthy, I think it's the only way to go right now.

Started breakfast with a small bowl of cereal with 1% milk. Then had a cup of tisane (strawberry or raspberry flavour, I don't really remember), with two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. I didn't spread it on too thick, since there is quite a bit of fat in peanut butter. Should be enough until I decide to have a snack, probably around 11:15 am.

Have to get off my butt and do a few things, since I'm off from work this week. Need to take the battery out of the car and charge it up. It's completely dead! Finish up the laundry, fold the clothes, clean up my corner of the basement and work on a few websites. I'd love to get my directory site and business site completed this week....it would be hard to pull it off, but it's possible. Also have a few web design quotes to finalize, probably by tomorrow....also a few business cards to design. Wow, what a vacation!

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