Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday!!! End of the work week (hopefully)!

Ah yes...Friday is here at last! It's been a long first week back at work, especially for my wife. She's been working long hours, early mornings, late nights. Kids have been at my parents all week and they're probably itching for some time with us, especially my wife. They start back at school next week, so this weekend will be the time to spend with them.

Work is starting to pick up at the office. We have a few web contracts that are possible. Within the next week or so, we'll know if they're final and accepted. It'll be good for us, since we could always use the extra sales.

Myself, still a bit behind in my work (invoicing and quoting). Hopefully I'll get a handle on it by Monday.

Weight-wise, I haven't weighed myself today, but my glucose reading was low this morning, which is good for me. I think I woke up with a reading of 4.8. I think that's excellent! We'll see what the next few days gives in terms of glucose readings.

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