Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday's a good but busy day

Well, I'm feeling good today! Energized and ready to attack whatever comes at me! I went to see my diabetes doctor and he says everything is fine with my readings. He mentioned that I was approx. 230 pounds when I last went to see him (probably about 1-1/2 years ago), now I'm 218 pounds. He says that's great and to continue the weight loss. Says I was one of the lucky ones, since my diabetes diagnosis was caught early, rather than dragging on not knowing that I had it and getting a diagnosis later in life. Also made an appointment to see my dietician for next month; just something I want to do. Maybe she can give me some information/tips on continuing the weight loss and possibly a diet to follow that's low in fat (because I have gall stones) and low in sugar/glucose (like carbohydrates). I still have problems maintaining an eating schedule, especially meal reduction and snacks; but I think I'm doing okay. Think I could lose another 10 pounds in one month? Hmmm, I'm really going to try. Who knows, maybe I could hit 200 pounds by February 28th!

I'll try posting some images of my progress and the meals I eat. Also, I'll start recording my daily diet, maybe it'll help to make things clear.

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