Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missed that appointment with the dietician

I can't believe it...but yesterday I ended up missing my appointment with the dietician! For some dumb reason, I was positive that the appointment was for 2:30. I left the office, drove all across town, paid for parking, got there at exactly 2:30, and found out that the appointment was for 2:00! When I pulled out the appointment paper that the dietician had given me, there it was, clearly marked 2:00! Well, I guess that gives me a little more time to lose a little more weight, that's all...

I found a great website yesterday, for calorie counting and keeping a food log. Here's the site:

Once you sign up, you can enter a target weight and date, your current weight, height, sleep pattern, exercise activity, etc. It'll help chart your progress and you can enter your meals into a food log. The good thing about the food log is that you can choose from a large database of foods, snacks, beverages, etc. The database has all the nutritional content regarding each food, so once you choose a certain food, its nutritional content gets attached to your log. Great to keep track of what you're eating!


Kat 8 said...

Hi Dave at least you turned up for your appointment, on accasions Ive forgot and not turned up.

I hope your day is a good one.

Kat 8 said...

Dave I look forward to the recipes. My doctor wants me to try metformin. I dont want to take medication. My blood sugar was 9.7 this morning. so I may have to take some kind of medicine. what medication do you take, I hope your doing okay.